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We're heartbroken. We're outraged. And we're taking action.

Senate Democrats introduced a set of sweeping principles to stop the epidemic of gun violence. It’s common sense: we must bolster our background check laws, close loopholes, and halt the sale of illegal guns. And we must act now.

Americans from coast to coast must demand action from their elected representatives for these reforms to pass. We're introducing this legislation on the Senate floor and we need your support, right now, to show that Americans won't take no for an answer. Urge Congress to pass this legislation.

We can't wait. Please sign on, and make sure your friends and family join this movement.


Senator Chuck Schumer
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Barbara Boxer
Senator Cory Booker
Senator Richard Blumenthal
Senator Maria Cantwell
Senator Chris Coons
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Senator Mazie Hirono
Senator Ed Markey
Senator Claire McCaskill
Senator Jeff Merkley
Senator Patty Murray
Senator Jack Reed
Senator Mark Warner
Senator Ron Wyden
Representative Tammy Duckworth